Kostelski buk

In the park opposite the Hotel we have little animal enclosure where your youngest ones can play while you enjoy the view at the beauty of River Una breathing the pristine forest air.Or you can just meditate, gathering energy and getting prepared for new business efforts.


The beauty of nature is such that it is just inviting you to enjoy food as well, without that experience the visit to Hotel Kostelski buk would not be complete. In our 220 people capacity restaurant you would be served carefully and with home and international food prepared with love, we often combine the tradition with the modern trends in the culinary industry


Hotel Kostelski Buk is an ideal destination for business meetings and presentations. Conference hall that accommodates up to 200 seating places and VIP lounge with 30 seating places, will be perfect to serve you and help to spend your business meetings in peace, far from city noise and enrich them with positive that comes from the natural environment. The hotel also has all the necessary equipment from the Internet, professional sound system, multimedia to the projector, organized coffee and meal breaks and all means which will help you to make your important business meetings highly professional and successfully.

Weddings and celebrations

It is essential to spend the most important day of your life in the circle of your favorite people, feel comfortable and experience the unique romance, hotel Kostelski buk will enable it exactly. A beautiful natural environment and very professional staff with rich experience of organizing weddings, will make this day a fairytale experience that you have always dreamed about. We will just for you carefully serve tables, prepare the tastiest dishes and organize every single minute of the ceremony, You just have to enjoy your happiness and say the fateful YES.


Whether you are a fan of river sports or just want to explore a new wealth of experience, rafting on the river Una is the ideal activity for you. The adventure that lets you feel the beauty of the emerald green river, its waterfalls and falls, as well as the trough-shaped unique beauty of tuff, will make you a fan of this river and give you an unforgettable experience.

Nature island

Opposite the hotel, across the river Una there is an island, a natural park, on which are housed some farm animals where your youngest can play while you enjoy the view of the Una River and its waterfalls that surround the island and make it simply unique. Relax with a clean forest air, take a walk or just meditate, gathering energy for new victories in the challenges of everyday life.